The Infamous Middle Finger tee vee dinner

tee vee dinner

femme punk transboy from australia (living in canada) who likes eating outta trash cans and teen culture. films i've made and photos i've taken can be seen here:
so stoked to be going on tour with these cuties in a month

so stoked to be going on tour with these cuties in a month

Anonymous asked: so straight people are not allowed at the festival?

are you a troll?

"Shout Back Festival is an annual anti-capitalist, all ages, D.I.Y., feminist music festival by and for people of colour, gay, trans*, queer, indigenous people and women."
there are definitely straight people who are women, who are trans, who are people of colour and who are indigenous, like duh, so of course straight people are allowed.
"An anarcha-feminist, queer, radical, anti-capitalist DIY music festival for anyone who wants it or thinks they might want it. A celebration in smashing patriarchy, showcasing artists who are underrepresented. This festival is for everyone who is disaffected or disgusted by the current independent music culture, dominated by straight, white males.

Anonymous asked: sick tumblr! I need some advice about revealing my true feelings to a girl. And how do I initiate the first kiss? pls help!

just because you reveal your true feelings to someone it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the opportunity (or that its appropriate) to initiate or have a first kiss with them.
i think being honest and telling someone you want to kiss them or asking them if they would like to make out with you/if you could kiss them is the best way to go about it. sometimes they won’t want to and sometimes they will. and sometimes you both might end up making out or dating but it wont happen til weeks or months after you’ve spoken about it, so don’t think that everything is instant.
a few years ago a friend of mine who i thought was very hot and who i had a crush on (but never even considered pursuing) told me as we were just hanging out and kicking it, that a few nights earlier when we were dancing together at a party that they really wanted to kiss me. i was shocked and responded by just saying something along the lines of “thats so sweet, thanks for telling me”. they thought i wasnt interested, but once i got home and had the time to process my thoughts and feelings about it i texted them saying “id be totally into making out with you if you ever felt that way again”. we ended up having our first kiss a week or two later and we dated for 2 months. the point being that even thought i was into that person i would have been super caught off guard and felt weird if they had just suddenly starting kissing me when we were dancing that time.
also i once i had a friend who i liked and really wanted to kiss (but not date) and i wanted to be able to hang out with her without thinking ‘is she flirting with me? what does this mean? how should i interpret what just happened, ahhh confusing’ so i just said to her one day “i’d totally make out with you if you ever wanted to make out with me, just let me know”. i later wrote that line into a film i made (you can watch it here around the 14:49 mark and for those wondering, yes we did make out once, a few months later, she initiated it, which was my reason for telling her (no so we could necessarily make out), but so i no longer had to think what i should do about my desire to kiss her cause the ball was in her court so to speak and i could just focus on being a good friend with her.
so yeah, my advice is definitely be honest and communicate about it. and if you dont know how than just text someone, or play and game of truth or date (1-on-1, not in front of a bunch of people, as it could be embarrassing for the other person or they might feel pressured) and when they say truth ask “do you think you would ever want to make out with me” hahaha ive definately done that before.

heres a still from that movie i made with the line in it :P



<3 <3 see you at the festival!


Shout BACk! fest promo video by Samuel Shanahoy <3



Help fund an anti-capitalist, d.i.y, feminist punk festival + anarchist book fair by and for gay, trans*, queer, p.o.c, indigenous people, and women.

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One of them is double pass to the closing night of the Vancouver Queer Film Fest’s film GIRL TRASH: All Night Long (the trailer is the video above ^^^^). The tickets are for Sunday August 24th 7pm at Vancouver Playhouse. It also comes with a Shoutback Full Weekend PAss, Shoutback! MIX TAPE and patch. shoutbackfest