The Infamous Middle Finger tee vee dinner

tee vee dinner

femme punk transboy from australia (living in canada) who likes eating outta trash cans and teen culture. films i've made and photos i've taken can be seen here:

Anonymous asked: if you've never heard of 'truscum' heres why some people might find it problematic to hear you say you agree with their politics; truscum are largely ftm guys that believe being trans is solely a medical condition, that you are only trans if you experience dysphoria and want surgery, that people who fall outside of the gender binary are not trans and that they are apropriating their identity and therefore dont deserve support medical or otherwise bc their 'trendiness' harms 'real' trans people.

ohhhhhhh, thanks for the info.
i was literally just going off one sentence i found on urban dictionary.
gosh, people on the internet just need to chill and live their lives and let other people live theirs.

Anonymous asked: Are you truscum? Anyone can be trans. Trans is a feel. I'm fucking glad not to be cis. Reject the gender binary. Reject oppression. Gender exists for the oppressor. I am trans. I have no dysphoria but I'm still trans.

what the hell, i have never heard that term in my life, i had to google it, but when i read the definition i was like ‘yeah i agree with that’. (EDIT/UPDATE: ive been informed now what the term actually means and i dont agree with it or care to associate myself with it.)
i dont think that being trans is a choice (however being publicly out as trans is for some) and even though anyone can be trans i mean that in a -people all of different sexualities, class backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, levels of education, occupations, ages etc can be trans - kinda way. i do think that there are factors that define someone as trans or are part of the trans experience.
i wish i was cis, but i not every trans person does and thats legit too.
i know many cis people who do reject the gender binary and who do not uphold societal gender norms and who actively reject oppression. i do understand trans peoples frustration with cis people, i often feel extremely misunderstood by the majority of cis people in my life and it effects how close i can be with friends or how much i can share about my personal feelings and experiences with others or how trusting i can be of others.
but at the end up the day i dont think cis people are the enemy or that they dont understand or believe in gender liberation.
i dont agree this whole “gender exists for the oppressor” thing…. dammit, you are totally a troll arnt you?!?!?! whatever anyway, i feel like that attitude is similar to when people think that androgynous cis women are more queer or genderfuck or progressive or radical or destroying gender norms than femme cis women which is total bulllllllshitttttt.
also gender is a real thing, if it wasnt than there wouldnt be trans people……. many awesome and amazing trans people have a gender and that gender is really important to them.
i do think that non binary people and their experiences are real and i also think that gender is real. the enemy is the state, fuck societies made up gender norms and gender roles, fuck the oppression of women, fuck the patriarchy, and fuck weirdo trolls on the internet.

ok lil update: i google it more about found out the word is said as tru-scum, i thought it was trus-cum, lol, anyone someone said that truscum believe thats people need to have surgery… i dont believe that cause 1. thats not in the best interest of some individuals lives, 2. its not an option for everyone, 3. people have all different types of dysphoria and surgury may not be the best solution 4. its none of my business if someone has or hasnt had surgery or if they will or wont. i was just saying that the urban dictionary definition made sense to me as it reflects my personal experience. honestly fuck all this weird internet lingo, it just sounds like people being haters or thinking that they are better than others.

another update: ok so people are telling me more about what truscum means. it does not sound at all like anything i would want to associate myself with or have on my blog. im just keeping this here for reference as now all these people think that i identify with truscum 1. ew 2. as if 3. seriously though…. it kinda seems like the opposite of everything i stand for, i feel like truscum people would hate me

m3rmaidqueen asked: how do you make the queen bee empire shirts ?

i hand screen print them.
more specifically, i made photocopied transparencies of the image, then got a pre emulshed screen (or one could make a screen with a frame and fabric and put emulsion on it) and exposed the transparencies in a light box.
than i used fabric paint to screen print the shirts, than heat set them with an iron.
i’ve had lots of lovely friends help me with the process, especially ​maggie feels and pinktapes , couldnt have done it without them.

Anonymous asked: do you have any info on the pittsburgh show? i can't seem to find anything!

its going to be an outdoor generator show (underpass + kt spit but no queen bee empire) on September 2nd, thats all i know at this point


Here is the first video (w @emmehoof) 4 the first song off my ep. For all my angels  u know who u r .I will release the track and the rest of the ep on bandcamp and soundcloud asap but if u wanna pre order a special edition usb necklace edition go here. Also check out USA TOUR dates with underpass here

Anonymous asked: you ever coming to Boston? pleaseee<3

actually yes!
on september 5th,
theres not going to be a queen bee empire screening in boston (the closest one is in nyc on the 3rd) but underpass and kt spit are doing a show, flyer below:

Anonymous asked: Are you still coming to Minneapolis? Where can we find the details? THE ENTIRE CITY IS VERY EXCITED.

Yes, yes i am!
There is a Queen Bee Empire screening there on the 28th of this month at M.D.M,
message me for address.
I’m so excited!!!!!
(you can view the flyer below)
then after the screening Underpass is playing at the Nicollet


video stills from dreamworld waiting (let me know), song by kt spit and video by samuel shanahoy.

i finally updated my website with lots and lots of stills and other stuff from the dreamworld waiting music video, check it out if you wanna see more

this music video/film i made with ktspit will be screening tomorrow (aug 18th) at Cineplex Odeon Cinema, Vancouver at 4pm as part of the Young ‘n Fierce ‘n Fabulous screening for The Vancouver Queer Film Festival

jaydragonmite asked: How many tattoos do you have?

i just counted 24, i could have missed one or two thou lol. i also counted sets (for example i have a heart on 4 different knuckles, or i have “truth” on the back of one knee and “dare” on the other) as 1 tattoo.