The Infamous Middle Finger tee vee dinner

tee vee dinner


cumming so soon I promise

(watch the “censored” trailer here)

QUEEN BEE EMPIRE will be screening at the Wilding in Little Applegate Valley, outside of Ashland, Oregon tomorrow!!! (Aug 21st)
this is the write up
Hear ye hear ye Southern Oregon QUEERZ and friends of QUEERZ!
Labryse, the finest queer metal band in all the lands, is gracing Wilding’s stage Thursday, August 21st! Following the show, there will be a big sweaty dance party!
Bring snacks to share and whatever you need to be comfy camping if you wanna stay the night under the starz out there.
There may be mud wrestling and a truck bed swimming pool, there will certainly be a late night projector screening of a cute new queer porn, it will definitely be awesome.
Get yer asses there!!!!!!

—dreamworld waiting



a cute song by kt spit i partially covered using garageband n my guitar/voice ye

BETTER than original IMO

Anonymous asked: i h8 to ask, I know it's been asked before.. but Queen Bee Empire? will it be online soonish?

it is with much sadness and heartbreak that i must confirm that its not going to be online anytime soon, or at least not for another month.
i want it be online so bad and i want for everyone to see it asap, its literally been sitting fully completed on my computer for 4 months now. i even have an online distributor which im stoked for. unfortunately for me to release it online thou i need to find a place to house the 2257 forms and for someone to be the custodian of the forms, which is proving very difficult for me and taking alot longer than i anticipated and theres alot of legal things i have to do.
im leaving at the end of the week to go on tour for 5 weeks, where i wont have the time or internet access to be figuring out all this stuff.
trust me, i really wish it were online, i really wanted it to be a summer release. sorry to string everyone along for so long, it was actually shot a year ago now!
one day it’ll be online, and in the mean time there will be screenings.

Anonymous asked: Will queen bee merch be at the show in Seattle? And music part is all ages right??

yes and yes :D

Anonymous asked: cont. truscum are also often misogynistic,racist and gender essentialist. they believe that unless you have a GID diagnosis you're not really trans and should be excluded from support networks, communities online and irl and medical care. they are disrespectful of pronouns, bully young genderqueer/nb bloggers and basically consider themselves gender gatekeepers. in short, I'd be wary of aligning yourself publicly with problematic groups without looking into their actions first.

dammit, i didnt know any of those things.
ive seriously never come across the term before.
sounds horrible, i definitely dont support or agree with any of that.

thankyou for explaining it to me :)