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tee vee dinner

femme punk transboy from australia who likes eating outta trash cans and teen culture. films i've made and photos i've taken can be seen here:



only pics i have of the queen bee empire premiere

This was such a blasty blast ♡

So I thought I should write a lil update.
The Queen Bee Empire premiere at The Rio Theatre was a total success, I’m so stoked and also so relived that everything went smoothly. It was so much fun to just sit back and watch the film with a cinema full of people as I had spent months and months collecting outfits and props, writing, shooting and editing the film and was never able to just watch it without constantly thinking about what changes had to be made, what extra work it needed etc.
Thankyou to everyone that helped out with the event, thanks to those who helped print and sell merch and a big thanks to noworriesnoworries everythingeveryday and pinktapes for helping me set up on the day.
Thankyou to everyone who attended, especially those who came all the way from the U.S.A !!!!! <3

Before the feature was shown I picked some music videos/short films/trailers to be screened. In case anyone wanted to watch I’ve listed them below with click-able links to the ones you can view online:
Sundae, K A N G O U R O U, Tuff Titties, TRANS GRRRLS: Revolution Porn Style Now!, Dick Binge Music Video, Bike House Bang, Eekum Seekum Music Video, Fed Up Fest Promo, Daddy’s Dolls, Best Slumber Party Ever.

Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time for the cast and crew Q&A but Im planning on making a Q&A video over the summer with those involved.
Many people are asking if theres going to be more screenings in the future or if they can watch online. The answer is yes. I’m planning on having some California screenings (LA + The Bay) in June along with some more North American screenings later in the summer. I’m also currently in the process of talking to an online distributor, which if all goes to plan the film will be online as of June. All updates will be published on my tumblr and on

The are still some shirts available from the preimere. You can get there here ——->
the sizes and colours are pretty random as they are the left overs but more shirts + pillowcases + patches will be available in a few weeks.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


me by me with some maja assistance  got this little top from miss crofton little shout out


me by me with some maja assistance
got this little top from miss crofton little shout out

(via ceedling)


there are 16 queen bee empire shirts left over from the premiere
they are now avalible for purchase online.
as they are the left overs the sizes and colours are pretty limited.
in a few weeks many more will be printed and available online in sizes S - 2XL and 5 different shirt colour options along with pillow cases and patches.

just got back from a sweet lil vacation

Anonymous asked: Your parents don't support you? :/

my mum supports me alot as a person i.e. emotional support, kindness, friendship, love etc.
but she doesnt support me financially. sometimes she’ll send me nice things like woolen socks and birthday/christmas presents which definitely helps and saves me for having to buy certain things i need. but she doesnt earn enough money to be able to do things like pay my rent or buy my groceries.
i havent lived with her for 8 years now and when i was growing up and living with her we were receiving welfare cause we legally lived under the poverty line even when both me and her had jobs and for a while that i was living with her as a teen i had to pay rent to her.
i havent spoke to my dad in years, not the he would give me anything. when i was a kid he would lie on his tax return to avoid paying the full amount  of child support he was meant to.